Pictures from our first day of using the workboxes!

Today was the first day we tried out our workboxes.  My daughter is 4 1/2 and did very well.  She was so excited that she went through all the boxes with no breaks.  Tomorrow I will have put a card in one of the boxes for “youtube kids exercises for 1/2 hour”.  I took a few pictures of her doing some of the work.  

This first picture was her completing her skip counting puzzle.  She was supposed to put the strips next to each other in order (counting by 10s).  She was excited at the end to see that it made a violin.  🙂



The next picture was her learning to tell time.  I just bought her a watch today at Burlington Coat Factory.  She is constantly stopping to check her watch to “see what time it is”.  She actually did very well with these activities.  A second worksheet had her drawing the hands of the clock pointing to the correct time.  Image



This next picture is our little science worksheet.  She had to cut out pictures of living and not living things.  Then she had to glue them to the correct box.  It took a lesson on living vs. non-living things but she finally got it.  There was another worksheet to compliment this one as well (the one under this one).Image


And finally she made a “beautiful necklace” out of beads and lanyard string (from the dollar tree).  Image

There were also more activities she did but these were the few I took pictures of.  

More to come later!!



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