First week of the workboxes!

This was the first week of the workboxes in action while I was at work.  They seemed to work out pretty well! The first day didn’t happen because we were without furniture and the puppy kept bugging Olivia every time she tried to do anything from her workboxes.  The rest of the week went well though.  She was mainly working on a map activity every day, telling time to the hour, addition, phonics, color by numbers, reading and writing.  

It is nice to have everything in order for what she needs to do for the day.  I really like that about the workboxes.  She has been bringing one of her reading books with her from her “All about Reading” curriculum everywhere to practice reading.  She has gotten to where she can do addition (single digits) by herself with no help.  She needs a visual clue to what the numbers look like to write them correctly.  

These are some examples of her work from the week.  I will be more detailed this weekend.  I will have worked close to 50 hours this week in addition to doing my own assignments for school and participation (in school for a computer science degree).  Tomorrow is a day I am working extra so I need to be up early (so up at 5:20am after working until 11:30pm).  

So far success for the workboxes though!!  Also the chore chart is working out great.  She has been earning on average about $1 a day.  

Here is a sample of one of her color by number activities (which she really seems to like)



One of the map activities from the week



A math sheet she did completely by herself 🙂




Olivia working on copying John 3:16



And another map activity 🙂





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