Pre-K/Kindergarten age chore chart.

Tonight I decided to make my daughter (4.8 years old) a chore chart for the living room.  Since she can’t read yet I figured it would be more effective to use pictures instead of words.  My husband bought me a laminator for Christmas (which I hadn’t used yet) which I used to create this setup.  

So, how it works.  

Step 1: Olivia does her chores (in any order).  As she does each chore she crosses off the chore done for that day and chooses the correct plastic (well laminated paper coins) coin from the cup on the left.  She puts that coin in the cup on the right.  

Step 2: Olivia does each chore throughout the day until they are completed. 

Step 3: After all the chores are completed Olivia counts the coins and writes the total amount we owe her on the sheet on the right (she will need help with this part for awhile).

Step 4: After I get home from work I trade Olivia’s play coins out for real coins for her piggy bank.  Then the earned coins go back into the cup on the left.  

I’m excited to see how she does with this 🙂

My setup